Today, more than ever, we are bombarded with paperwork, responsibilities, and technology at our job, making it hard to know what to do with this overload of information.

The ease with which an office functions affects everyone in that office. It is important for the business owner as it can have major effects on the company’s bottom line. It is also important for the employees, as an organized office eases stress, creates productivity, and promotes health, kinship, and a team dynamic between staff and management alike.

Simple Organizing Strategies understands business. We understand what it takes to keep up with the competition and how important it is to have systems that are successful and protocol that is standardized throughout the office.

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Filing Systems / Paper Management

It is common for people to struggle, sometimes for years, to find a system for keeping control of paperwork that is easy to use and maintain. This is because traditional methods of paper filing and workflow are geared towards individuals who are considered primarily left brained or "traditional"  thinkers. Those of us who are primarily right brained or "visual" thinkers, (usually those who tend to be more creative) should be given the opportunity to learn and utilize different and better means of filing that build on their individual strengths and abilities.

SOS utilizes specialized methods of filing and paper workflow that are easier for the creative person to use and maintain. These systems incorporate color coding, open faced shelving and clearly labeled and designated homes for each piece of paper that comes into a clients office or space. These methods have proven widely successful, especially for those individuals who suffer from ADD/ADHD or OCD issues. In addition, SOS builds upon traditional methods of planning, filing, and mapping that are clear and concise, standardizing company protocol and making it easier for all office personnel to locate and utilize documents.

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Space Planning

If you knew there were simple, low cost means available to maximize the potential and productivity of you office, wouldn’t you take advantage of those systems right away? Whether you are hiring more employees while keeping the same amount of space, or you need to bring in more file cabinets to house your growing client files, effective space planning is key in accommodating the necessities of your office. A good business person thinks one step ahead, so accounting for space as well as workflow and traffic patterns of employees also benefits the company’s bottom line by saving your staff time while increasing productivity. 

Jennifer measures and assesses the layout and square footage of the office, and then spends time speaking with the employees and listening to their insight regarding the traffic and flow patterns of the office. She then offers suggestions regarding layout, design, storage, and positioning of desks and other furniture. Jennifer does the leg work of researching, pricing, and ordering the appropriate supplies for the company upon the request of the business.

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Sometimes, the hardest days at the office can be when one or more of your most efficient and effective employees are not at work. Well, this is reality, and crisis‘s happen. People get sick, their children get sick, cars break down, jury duty calls, and life doesn’t always work out the way we would like it to. Defense is the best offense, and the way to be proactive in these types of situations is to have standardized, effective, company protocol. Each person’s job responsibilities should be clearly defined and recorded. This can be in a computer document, a hard bound booklet, or another means, as long as it is accessible to those who may need it. By documenting employee duties and responsibilities, you may encounter that there are more effective changes that could be made to increase productivity.